Mind AI Partners With Velas To Place Next Generation Artificial Intelligence In The Public’s Hands

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Knowledge is power. This is, according to the old adage, a fact of life stretching back thousands of years that remains a constant in societies as we know them. And in the eyes of many, power today is more concentrated than ever in the hands of the richest corporations and nations.

So what does this mean for models of artificial intelligence which literally feed and grow from knowledge, recorded in the form of data?

Society in the present day favors those at the top because entities are generally expected to act in self-interest. Having power feeds back, pays and helps to further consolidate the position of already powerful.

A consequence of this is that advanced AI systems risk becoming a tool of those already at the top.

Can we create an AI which acts like it cares?

Morality and ethics are more than just buzzwords at Mind AI and Velas. They provide us with a common mission: creating problem-solving machines that can reason for themselves but also take a more nuanced approach than “machine feed, machine do”.

Mind is building a framework for reasoning engines, to essentially educate its AI about how to make logical conclusions much in the same way as a human would. The exciting part of our partnership comes with how we plan to achieve this goal.

The team at Mind will open-source the project by first building their mainnet on the Velas blockchain. An exclusive sidechain will be responsible for storing data and offer access to the public so they may participate in the AI’s development and growth.

Individual ownership of data free of corporate and governmental interest is a critical benefit proffered by blockchain. This is a way to share knowledge and build models of AI that effectively belong to the people, at least in as much as they are owned by anyone.

The Velas blockchain is always in flux

Mind AI has been a great help in the process of developing Velas, a self-learning and constantly evolving blockchain which ebbs and flows according to the amount of network traffic.

Blockchains tend to run at ‘maximum capacity’ all the time but Velas has the ability to create a new block only when required; this could be every two seconds or once in a 2 minute interval. The Artificial Intuition of Velas can also adjust the size of the blocks from a few kilobytes to what

is needed, when it is needed. All entirely dependent on the number of users making transactions. If you’re tired of hearing about the Bitcoin block size debate, this may be the technology for you.

Mind AI is joining forces with Velas and in turn are being helped to put this exciting project on the Velas blockchain. Our shared vision for artificial intelligence is grounded in a clear idea of who these systems are meant to serve: the people.

Together we hope to freely distribute knowledge and power across global communities. With Mind and Velas, the future can be as great and bright and positive as the people choose to make it.