XRP will be $10

Cryptocurrency News Ripple (XRP)

We can say many times that XRP is the best crypto for payments, but we know what defines the price, market.

How to get higher price? Usecases, adoption, usage, need, of XRP. Why it is still 0.4 ? Because all partnerships and usage promos, are done on paper and not on XRPL. Once it is real, I mean billions of USD are sent via XRPL, the price of XRP has to mirror that.

Which means, if daily real volume is $100 bio, XRP will be $10 and you can continue. $5 trio is daily volume for swift, if XRPL takes 10% of it, it determines XRP price to $50. Why? You simply cannot send such an amount of value with low XRP price because you would need too many coins which are not available for transaction, therefore price will go up.

If XRP is liquidity pool for all ALTs, ILP, Libra coin, Swift, Coil, FED, IMF, … the price might stabilize at $200 – $300.

Let’s see.